Oh, Baby! #2

So, on to the worst baby names in East Tennessee this week…

* Daelyn Rielle– It’s bad enough when you choose ONE name people won’t be able to pronounce. At least give the kid a back-up name should they ever want to go by something else…

* Key’Juan MacShawn. Yes, MacShawn is the middle name. Yes, his names rhyme.

* Brought to you by the overused letter “k”: Kae, Kyndal, Kaysen, Kayden, Kasten, Kyleigh, Kerrigan

* Kolin– who is going to explain to these parents the function of a colon? Unless they mean Colin–in which case, 1) This belongs with the other “k” names
2) They should have spelled it with a “c”

* Momoh– Psh. Please, no mo’ silly bizness.

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