Think Positive

Today I subjected my mama to countless Ted Talks. We watched one about Regret–and essentially, the lesson was that it’s okay to have regrets. We can view those lessons with positive thinking (and even sadness)–and can grow in the future! After watching one of my favorites on the death of creativity, it got me thinking about some of my favorite animated talks I’ve viewed on YouTube. While poking around, I uncovered this video called Smile or Die. To all you unemployed readers out there–I hope you find this interesting!

I continued to mail out emails with a barrage of information about myself to potential employers. I am thinking realistically though, and I know that most won’t even peek at my info. I did get an exciting email from one American school in Mexico, and here’s to hoping again that something works out…

For those of you who’ve lectured me about the dangers of Mexico–calm down. This is “the safest city in Mexico!” It’s also a college town (of sorts), so the average age of the town is 23… Hooray!

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