Another “Life In Tennessee” Post

Well, let me start by saying–I didn’t get that job in NOVA.  Can I get a boooooo?!  I’m ok.  They timing is off anyway.  So… we’re back to the applying-for-jobs-but-getting-rejection-emails-daily point.  I’m even applying for lame-o jobs here, because I am really trying to be willing for this if God wants me here.

You know, it’s funny–there are a lot of things I really love about East Tennessee.  Unfortunately, it’s really hard to remember what they are right now…

I do know this: Waffle House is still as trashy and drama-filled as ever.  (If that were a tweet I would add #somethingsneverchange.)  Tonight Rachel R. and I met for a waffle.  It stinks that Rachel wasn’t there.  I played some extra lame my-heart-was-recently-broken-but-I’m-okay music.  There was no one to sigh in exasperation or roll their eyes and scoff when “White Flag” by Dido played for the second time.

If you’re ever feeling like you have writer’s block, you should visit Waffle House.  It was like a writer’s gold mine in there.  I actually wrote a couple things down because I couldn’t forget them…

One old lady was sitting at the frequently visitor VIP section of the restaurant.  That means the bar right up next to the waitresses/cooks.  I overhear, “Well, my day started off good.  Then it turned bad.  Then it turned real bad.”  Only it sounds like this, “Weeellll, my daaay started off gud.  Then it turrrned bad.  Then it turrrned reeeel bad.”  (Can you imagine that in your head?)    My jaw dropped open.  I mean, is this lady my soul-mate or what?!

While I am reeling from the shocked, this young couple walks in.  He’s got a shaved head, full beard, and ball cap on.  This says jock-gone-bad to me.  His “lady” friend was wearing some tight clothes and too much makeup.  They were just in time to get a new waitress on duty–she may have also been on crack based on the way she threw herself into her job with gusto.  She goes over to take their order, and says something about the table being dirty.  Steriods-in-Shorts says, “Oh, that’s okay–I like dirty!”  Crackhead Cindy retorts, “Oooh, well you’re my kinda man!”   “Well, I guess we came to the right place!” exclaimed the girlfriend with glee.  Sigh. Maybe I should have played them a little mood music on the jukebox…

Never-the-less, this girl is applying for some jobs that might trap me here forever (Heaven, forbid!).  All in the spirit of my I-am-not-controling-my-life-anymore.  #quarterlifecrisis

UPDATE!  This is my horoscope that I just read.  I NEVER do this…but for some reason I clicked the wrong button and it took me to my horoscope. 

If you’ve been dying to experience something new in your life, you will get a grand opportunity to do so today. Someone you don’t know very well will propose a crazy idea — so crazy that it just might work! Are you in or out? Gather all your courage and dive on in! You need to start taking more chances, don’t you think? Risk is the only way to give yourself the excitement you’re craving. You don’t need another quiet, safe evening at home right now.

Really?  I need more risks?  I think maybe I’ve met my quota of risk taking moves for the next…oh, year?

3 responses

  1. I think it’s pretty brave that you didn’t like your original job and quit. I am currently in a job situation that I dislike. Needing to have an income is the only thing keeping me from quitting. I know the job hunt can be rough (I’m nearing 10 months on my search). Something good will come your way. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I LOVE the “Quarter Life Victory” spin–so positive from my down-in-the-dumps “crisis”. Quitting my job is seriously the only thing I’ve done in the last five months that I have ZERO regrets about. Even though now that means I’m living in Tennessee at my Mom’s house without a job.

  2. I also think it’s cool you took charge of your happiness. Although it might mean a rougher road for a while, think how miserable you would’ve been if you’d stuck it out like the majority of us do. GOOD JOB JIBLAKLEY! Enjoy life, keep posting.

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