Shake Your Hair Feathers

Seriously, there are a couple things you should know:

1) Tennessee has the monopoly on crazy roadside gas stations.

2) Don’t take any pills they offer at these shady truckstops.

3) You can buy fashion items and overpriced souvenirs–along with high calorie snacks.

4) Anything that is sold at a gas station shouldn’t be worn by anyone who cares about the way the look.

So, at Kohl’s I saw a Bobby pin with feather attachments. At school, I see girls with brightly colored feathers. And at the local gas station? I saw a feather so big it reminded me of a rat-tail. Remember those? I’m almost ashamed to admit that my kindergarten boyfriend had a rat-tail. Almost. At the time, he was the coolest kid around–and he grew up to become a teacher, so I guess he wasn’t too scarred from his parent’s poor judgement.

These were the ugliest hair feather rat-tails I’ve ever seen. They are about 8 inches long. They come in a variety of un-natural colors, and are made complete with the zebra or cheetah print tattooed on them. If you’re looking for them they’re right beside the beef jerky and newspaper that is only about who has been arrested. If you can’t find them, count yourself lucky, but keep your eye out when you go Walmart…

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