Winning (Beating Mom)

I am becoming a champion at winning (NOT Charlie Sheen style). Really the only person I’m beating is my mum.

It’s like I’m raising a child here. She’s amazing–best woman person I know, hands down. She also happens to be the pickiest person I know. Well, with the exception of my nephew who eats ONLY chicken nuggets (eww). So, since I’ve been home we’ve been playing this game called Prove-Mom-Wrong. It’s not hard. This is an example of a recent conversation:

Me: Mom do you like chowders?
Mom: Chowders?! Gross! No, Jania!
Me: Have you ever had chowder?
Mom: Jania, I don’t know anyone who eats chowder!
Me: But have you ever had it?
Mom: Where do you even get those weird foods from? They sound like Yankee foods!

And later tonight:

Mom: Hmmm… I do like that!
Me: Do you want to take it for lunch tomorrow?
Mom: Yes, I think I will!

(I suppose it’s not necessary to explain that I proceeded to make fun of her…)

It probably looks like I’m really pushing it, but the truth is… This happens ALL the time. Every time I cook supper (I know chowders aren’t typically a good choice, but for the most part, I’ve been cooking non-processed healthy meals) we go through the same scenarios. They always end with something like this:

Me: Mom, guess who I am: (In a snarky voice) “I don’t like that! That’s weird! Who eats food like that?”

Sigh Oh, South, if only you would bring a little variety to your palette–it would make my job less of a guessing game! Although, then I wouldn’t get so much pleasure from the current game…

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