Feliz Nobby Nob

Today, I was having such a grand time in Pre-K (despite the accidents and wide-open sneezes). These babies are growing on me, and they aren’t even mine! They were majorly skilled singing “Feliz Nobby Nob.”

True to the small town that this area is (even though it’s spread out all over), Mama and I ran into my elementary teacher/the local principal. She surprised me, but had heard about how I quit my job and came home. Like most teachers, she understood and even reaffirmed my I-can-always-go-home-and-teach-back-up-plan.

I picked up this hilarious book written by The Office actress, Mindy Kaling. I just read the first couple pages, but I REALLY want it! (It’s $25, and I can’t justify it right now–even half-price.)

So my point is, that she says in her first opening pages that aunts of America have bought Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? for their nieces. This is,of course, a great choice when they “could have bought a teenage vampire book.” 🙂 I did manage to buy those at the used bookstore–don’t tell anyone, but I am psyched that they have return credit! Maybe some housewife will finish Kaling’s book, and it will miraculously be on sale.

I asked my uncle the other day if something was wrong with me (because I like to move around), but he said that’s how he’s always been! It’s funny, but the one thing I’ve learned from this whole experience is I don’t have to feel rushed to do all the things I want to do! No one is saying it has to be done by a certain age–and the glory of being a teacher is the time to travel. Now that I know my options better, I realize that I can decide to move overseas later if I so wish! I’m glad though: at one time, I felt that I would be cheated if I didn’t get to go overseas soon.

I know now that life feels much better when I’m not worrying about tomorrow. I really am hoping that my spiritual service continues to be strong even when life perks up. I’m remembering a story about a rose laying on the road. Both were trampled. The road became hard, but the rose just smelled sweeter. They also say that the same water that makes the potato soft makes the egg hard. My point? I just want to respond sweetly to what God’s hand allows.

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