Preschool Adventures

I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering/learning in one of the most amazing classrooms I’ve ever laid eyes on: Mrs. Murphy’s Pre-K classroom at White Pine Elementary.

You know those classes that you walk in and you just want to poke around and look at everything?  This is one of those places!  The classroom is a literacy enrich environment–and this elementary teacher thinks it is really paying off!  Today I watched FOUR YEAR OLD students sound out the words in a morning message–that THEY WROTE.  I watched them encourage their classmates (“OOOoo, that’s a good ‘o’!”) I watched them settle disputes using the “Wheel of Choice” (“I think you need to stop taking things from me.”  “Well, I think you need to share.”)  I watched and listened to them Pledge Allegiance, sing songs, and recite the first part of The Night Before Christmas.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
not a creature was stirring–not even a mouse.

The best part?  I listened as one little punkin’ said, “Well, I heard that on tv–but there wasn’t any stirring.”  Then, he took his hands, held an imaginary paddle, and stirred–much like a witch would stir a pot of brew.

**Please can I get a job with the Littles?  They really can go far when they have the right guide!

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