What A Nerd Does With Extra Time

Today I actually said, “I hope my GRE books get here soon.  I need something to occupy my brain.”  What I mean by that is I need something to put my energy into.  Something that I can learn that will show results.  Math.

I applied to University of VA this past year–and I’ve been instructed to raise my Quantitative score on my GRE.  The language portion was well above what they wanted; however, the math score was significantly lower.  It’s really no surprise.  I didn’t study, and when I went to work the next day, I told my friend, “That was like taking a test in a foreign language.  I had NO idea what they were asking me to do.”  It’s true! (I don’t understand the importance though–I mean, I am applying for READING.  Who expects a Reading Guru to do well on Math?!)

So, my efforts are going to catching up on years of math.  Lucky for me, I had a teacher in college that was able to teach math.  AND I learned that I secretly love it!  I struggled big time all through my public school education.  It all started in fourth grade–and it went downhill from there.  I am the little girl you learned about in college.  The one who is right on target until upper elementary.  I think part of the problem is that math teachers often don’t know how to actually explain what it means.  I need understanding!  It wasn’t until I became a teacher, I understood that when you change the number in the tens column, you’re actually exchanging a whole ten for some ones…  (Stop rolling your eyes, I am not exaggerating.) I learned all of the procedures with zero understanding.  I scored well on standardized tests though–thank you, Department of Education for stressing the test and not the knowledge! (sarcasm)

Unfortunately, in high school–things got weird:  We take math in this order: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II.  Guess who rocked at Geometry?  This girl. So who got placed in Advanced Algebra II?  This girl.  Who promised to never take another math class until it was required in college?  This girl.  Who learned that she really does better learning math on her own?  This girl.

So, all the things that I didn’t have time for last year, I am making time for this year.  I bake, eat healthy, read my bible daily, read books for fun, exercise, blog, clean, and… practice for my GRE!  Sigh.  What a nerd.

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