Life (Pho-less)

So, I’m sick for the first time since I’ve been back in Tennessee. The last couple days it’s been coming on–and I completely blame Mama. After all, she has been crusty for a week or so…

Naturally, the first thing I want is the first thing I’m unable to get: a nice, fat, steaming bowl of Pho ga.

I looked up the recipe online–its a little daunting, but I guess I’ll give it a go sometime this week. I’m going to hunt this town high and low while I’m at it too…

When do I get to return to the land of great soup? (P.S. I don’t mean Vietnam.)

Update:  I hope that Mom wants to drive to West Knoxville tonight.  I found a Vietnamese restaurant with reviews of “greatest Pho”.  Here’s to hoping with fingers crossed!

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