Teach Overseas? Signs To Guide Me

I’ve been considering it lately… The problem is the American International Schools want a two year commitment. Two years?! Anyone who knows me knows that will be hard… I have a hard time committing to a regular teaching contract (10 months), so how can I commit when I have NO idea what life will look like in two years?!

On one hand, I really don’t know what is going on in my life anyway. On the other hand, I’m almost 28, and I feel like I am just waiting for life to start. 30 when I am finished? Sheesh! (Sorry, Jenny…)

Speaking of 28–I’m painfully aware that the 10-year-reunion is coming up. Ugh. No thanks, Memory Lane. Reality Highway isn’t much better, but I would like to avoid any other depressing detours. If only they would repave so that my trip would be less bumpy. I’m also tired of all the flats. Get it together, road-crew! This baby might seem like she’s a functional model, but her driver is a bit clueless…

How great would it be if life came with road signs? I heard about some dear ones who look for signs when they move to make sure they’re in God’s will. But what about this? Miles to go. Next rest-stop in ___ miles. Construction ahead. Slow Children. Bump.

My road signs would be some I’ve seen for the last several months on I-81 in southwestern Virginia:
Blasting Ahead. Road Closed. Must Detour…

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