Rejection, Anyone?

It’s laughable, really.

Since August I’ve applied to COUNTLESS jobs. I’ve applied to jobs all over the world. I’ve applied to education based jobs, babysitting jobs, tutoring jobs, secretary jobs, government jobs, sales jobs, cruise jobs, and probation jobs. I’ve filled out hundreds of applications, sent so many resumes, and written letter after letter.

I’ve been told in Jefferson County that I have to be trained first to be a substitute teacher. I’ve been in contact with a lady in Guatemala who chose another au pair over me–one who was “ready to commit.” I have gotten emails (form emails, I’m sure…) telling me that they’ve gone with a more qualified candidate. I’ve had zero interviews. Zero! I’ve seen door after door close.

“Something will open up,” they all say.. I know they are right, but when?! Quite frankly, I don’t know how much more rejection I can take.

2 responses

  1. As a furloughed teacher, I understand what you are going through …. the sheer strength it takes to keep going on and trying is exhausting. But … all good survivors don’t give up. Sometimes instead of waiting for others to accept you for a job and direct your fate, you have to create your own job and create your own fate.

    Keep writing!

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