What I’ve Learned Today

This morning I woke up determined to make the most of this day. If only I felt like that everyday…

I read this great article online about food cravings. It says that food cravings happen when our body actually needs something. For example, when you crave sugary snacks, your body might actually need chromium. You can find this in an egg yoke, cheese, whole grains, or beer.

I forget where I read the recommendation to put cocoa powder in coffee, but I promptly made a breakfast burrito and some delicious cocoa Sumatra coffee.

As I was cleaning up in the kitchen I remembered the pumpkin Mama bought at my insistence a month ago. I learned out to make pumpkin for future desserts and soups. I also learned that I LOVE PUMPKIN! It reminds me so much of it’s cousin, Squash. I seriously could just eat pureed pumpkin. Tonight I am going to try to cook it with the sweet potatoes as one of our vegetables. Yummo!

Since I was on a roll, I decided to do what I’ve been talking about for weeks: Make English muffins. I have been making a lot of bread lately. Mostly because bread has been my Mount Everest (unobtainable but desirable). Every time my bread comes out right I am so surprised. From the beginning everything kept going wrong with this recipe. My milk bubbled over when I decided to add butter to it in the microwave, I made a mess all over the place, I used WAY too many tools… sigh. Luckily, they turned out pretty great!

After a quick trip to the grocery store, I decided on a supper of sweet potato/pumpkin puree, carrots (beta-carotene and Vitamin A help with my eyes and inflammation!), broccoli, cauliflower, brown rice and chicken! Delicious! Mom and I were so stuffed AND we have more for lunch tomorrow!

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