Market Square, Movie, and Mountain Men

I sure do wish I had a photo of the scene that greeted me when I walked into Market Square the other day. Cages cafes line the square with tables and benches all in front of a stage.

Market Square is where my Mamaw and my great-grandmother (Granny) used to go sell eggs at the Farmer’s Market. Now days they still have a Farmer’s Market. I remember when they started Movies on the Square as well as Sundown in the City. I assume that those still run during the summer months.

In any case, the other day I was greeted by two boys a bit younger than I am. They really went all out to look like Mountain Men. While sitting there waiting on my friends, I overheard one talking to a homeless man about how they rode a train car through the mountains of Virginia. They had brown bibs (unbuckled hanging down behind them), poncho style woven sweaters tied around their waists, and packs with banjos strapped onto the backs. Regular mountain men, yes, siree! Even their dog was sport a pack…

After leaving them, we headed to Gay Street to see Tower Heist with Ben Stiller. It was pretty funny–I would probably even see it again someday. The movie theatre had a mountain man woman with a mullet style haircut keeping everyone in line. I mean, a wild night in Knoxville is when I have to show my friends that you have to speak up if you want people to respect you. Granted, I think it just embarrassed them more than anything. I’m just saying, “If you want a good seat show up early…”

What a day!

** I also learned that Knoxville has an event called The Big Ear Festival. Where have I been?!?

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