Getting Back In the Saddle


That’s what they say you should do when you get thrown, right? Well, here is my version at the moment: life with my nephew and niece (the Mexicans) in East Tennessee. I came down earlier today to be with Mamaw, and while that is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs–it still is good for me.

Fuva (my sister) brought the Mexicans by to play. They’ve grown so much in three weeks!! Orlando walks over and starts digging in the fridge, and what does he pull out?



In case you’re asking yourself, “Is that butter?” I’ll go ahead and let you know you’re right: MY NEPHEW EATS BUTTER?!?!

Dee-dee on the other hand is more of my kind of girl. She prefers the finer chocolate.


She has a mouth full of teeth now, and smiles the biggest smile–even when her brother grits his teeth and slings her around.

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