Mountain Mama Style Living

This weekend was the annual Seneca Rocks, WV camping trip. On the way there, it dawned on me that really I can live/work anywhere. I tried to tell Lisa and Nate that I could live there (“there” being wherever we were at the moment…) But they didn’t seem impressed with my fickleness. There were lots of adorable towns, with (I imagine) adorable little schools. The towns lost their luster when we headed back through in the daylight.

Turns out, West Virginia was a super cool place to be! No, no–not cool like all the “cool kids” were there. It was down right COLD. All weekend I had to bum the warmer necessities from my friends: hoodies, scarves, gloves, a coat. We spent the day hiking, eating, and sitting around a campfire. As always, there was an abundance of food–my favorite being my “famous” dip: Frank’s Hot Sauce, cream cheese, mozzarella, Ranch dressing, and canned chicken. Yes, I did say canned chicken. Who knew you could buy chicken with a tuna-complex?!

The mountain nights were another story: They were cold and sleepless. I slept poorly waking up to Nate squawking at me to zip my sleeping bag, to put on booties (sleeping bags for my feet), or to settle down. I have a bad habit of thrashing around in my sleep–much to the dismay of my tent family. Nate said, “We should put a gallon of milk in the bottom of the sleeping bag, and we’d wake up to fresh butter!”

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