Delicious Autumn!


Autumn is here and beautiful as ever! (the season, not my friend–although she is beautiful too!). I love the crisp morning air, the colors of the leaves, and the promise of campfires! Mamaw loved the fall too. She used to comment on the beauty of the leaves, and would quote this:

“Come,” said the wind to the leaves one day. “Come over the meadow with me and play. Put on your garments of red and gold–Summer is gone and the days grow cold.”

Whirling and dancing the little leaves went. Winter had called them and they were content. Soon fast asleep in their earthen beds, Snow put a blanket over their heads.

I was just reminded this morning how beautiful dying can be! Even dying to self allows God to glory in us and through us. When there is death, work can be done—and what grows back is full of life. (Mamaw always loved spring too, and would talk about the Red Buds and Dogwoods like it was the first time she’d seen them! Really, I don’t know much she didn’t like. She said one time in testimony that this is God’s world: He made it and created it.)

On another note: I’m back on my feet! I’ve enjoyed walks through the leaves, and saw four deer yesterday! I’m so happy to be healthy and moving again. My ankle is responding nicely to what I asking of it, so I’m hoping for a bit of jogging today. The shoes have a little drying to do–seeing as how they spent the night in my truck bed. Little did I know it would rain…

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