I Left My Heart in North Virginia

So, one of my biggest flaws is my impulsiveness. I have a long history of impulsive decision making examples, some of which turned out good. Some didn’t…
1). After high school, I moved to Nebraska.
2). When I was home about 10 months, I decided I wanted to leave. I found a job online, applied, interviewed the next day, and was in MN less than a week later.
3). It snowed the third of October, and I turned my notice in that week.
4). I decided I should go to college. I graduated two years later, because I couldn’t get through fast enough.
5). I moved to Florida. Ugh.
6). I moved back to TN.
7). In the car on the way back, I decided to go to grad school. I called several, but it was too late to apply.
8). I talked to my sister, and she said, “Why don’t you come up here for a year?”
9). I moved to Virginia.
10). This August I quit my job.
11). A couple weeks ago, I decided to move home. I had big plans.
12). The next day I gave my notice to the apartment complex.
13). The next week, I moved home.

I realized something when I was in meeting (church) on Wednesday. Someone said, “You must be happy to be home!”. I replied, “I feel like I belong there now–I know I will go back.” I’ve said to people all week, “I feel like I’m just on vacation–not like I’ve moved!” At this convention, when people ask where I’m from, I always get a little tongue-tied. Where am I from?

They say “Home is where the heart is.” Well, I left my heart in Northern Virginia, and now I can’t wait to come home.

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