Sweet Home Alabama

Made it! Jake and I decided on Wednesday night that we would drive to Fosters for convention. I’m literally huddled under the blankets typing this on someone’s saved bed. Who saves a bed for just Saturday night? I guess I might have to move tomorrow…

I never realized how desolate this state is! We went through one “city,” if you could call it that. I think it’s growing on me! The good news is that the directions are so simple, Andrea knew them by heart!

I’m looking forward to the next couple days. Turns out that what I suspected was, in fact, the truth. If you sit with a family of Blakleys at convention it is hard to pay attention. I blame it on the adorable Mexican kids, although in all honesty, my sisters were the distracting factors! I think they need some time on the front row, and I need some time paying attention at another convention!

Oh! The best part of the trip so far: Mama gave me her card to pay for gas. Her Sears card…

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